Multimedia (CD Presentation)

We designs and produces presentations as stand-alone applications or as a compliment to your website. Multimedia Web Designing ensures maximum penetration with higher acceptance levels. We produce CD-ROM presentation in any quantity, including business card size. These business card CD's will exemplify your company through a CD based multimedia presentation, Color Catalogue or Employee Handbook, etc.

These CD presentations can be used for Profiling the launch of new product line or an Event of the Company, Profiling a Corporation Grand Openings, Direct Mail Campaigns Promotions, Linking to a Website Sales Presentations or other events of sales promotions campaign.

Redox Systems Pvt. Ltd. A Software Development CompanyFeatures of CD-ROM:

  • Features of CD-ROM:
  • A user-friendly interface with vibrant graphic design.
  • Auto start feature. Animation
  • Fair number of pages with text or graphics (screenshots, slides, diagrams)
  • Audio narration
  • Buttons with subtle sound effects
  • Short, dynamic intro with animation, video or both

Interactive media development requires a multidisciplinary approach and the use of creative, technical and communication problem-solving skills throughout the process. The process incorporates the ability to visualize a concept, understand the basic message of the presentation and to incorporate the two into a fundamental storyboard. We will deliver a high impact solution using state-of-the-art technology that effectively delivers your message. Utilizing text, video, audio, animation and graphics we will allow you to communicate professionally to audience with maximum impact whether you want to create a sales presentation, training tool, interactive catalog or an entertainment piece.