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3 years ago
She is absolutely stunning. Wow!
Fairly Certain 3 years ago
This girl is mildly retarded. That wouldn't stop me but just sayin'
yup 3 years ago
She reminds me of my older sister. She use to suck my dick and have me eat her pussy. We would fuck and when I started busting a nut she got scared of getting pregnant. First time I nutted she was sucking me and she choked on my semen. She got scared when it came to fucking so she let me fuck her ass. Big mistake she thought she could take all my dick we were inexperienced and I went 7 inches deep she cried and bled like hell. My dick hurt like crap also.
3 years ago
What's the pink thing hanging out of that snatch?
Vitiate 2 years ago
This girl is amazing in every video she's in. Sexy as hell
yankee 3 years ago
I'd steal her get her nose fixed and fuck her daily American style. she could stay
Hinge r 3 years ago
She's a butter face.everything looks good but her face. Get a paper bag to fix that problem
3 years ago
My dick looks exactly like that
3 years ago